• Rizwan Fatma Zaidi Research scholar, IASE Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India
  • Waseem Ahmad Khan Professor, IASE Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India
Keywords: Research Attitude, Teacher Educators


The present study attempted to find out the level of attitude towards research of prospective teacher educators. The researchers have used the descriptive survey method for the present study. For this study 108 prospective teacher educators were taken as a sample from govt. aided college and private college. Out of 108 M.Ed students 42 were male and 66 were female students.40 students were studying in Govt. aided college and 68 students were completing their degree from private college of education. The simple random sampling technique was used to collect data. The scale used by the investigator was Attitude towards research by Vishal Sood and Sharma (2012). Data analysis was done with the help of mean, SD, t-test. The result shows that the levesl of Attitude towards research among M.Ed students were moderate. It was also revealed from the study that there is significant difference between the male and female prospective teacher educators’ research attitude. The research attitude of female students was comparatively better than male students. The investigators also found out that there exists no significant difference between the prospective teacher educators pursuing their degree from different types of colleges.