A theoretical look at the Kahoot! application and its possibilities


Thesis. Modern technologies, especially educational applications may help students
acquire knowledge in practice and use it creatively in practice.
Aim. The theoretical review of the capabilities and functions of this application allows
familiarizing with its advantages and possible uses. The knowledge below about the
Kahoot! application contains practical information for contemporary educators who would
like to use it during their classes.
Conclusion. Choosing applications for schooling give opportunities to educators
who can create a more interesting learning atmosphere in a more creative way, and
moreover receive feedback after each test. For students, it may be easier to learn by
using a smartphone. Selecting games created for the smartphones and thus the Kahoot!
application measurably contributes to increasing positive results obtained by students
during exams.

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MARTYNA MADEJ, & MATEUSZ STUDNIAREK. (2020). A theoretical look at the Kahoot! application and its possibilities. E-Methodology, 6(6), 21-28. https://doi.org/10.15503/emet2019.21.28
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